1925 Chrysler Van

Ok I am new here and not a big car person but I have a few Q?
I have a dodge van ram 250 that worked great 1 month ago but over the past 3-4 weeks has gotten to the point it will not start and if I do get it started I can drive it around for 30min before it stalls or it may work all day with know problem. Now today it will not start at all so I am trying to fix it. First it did not seem to be getting fuel so I changed the fuel pump in the tank now at the throttle body if I take off the fuel line I get plenty of fuel and good pressure ok now when I turn the moter over it just keeps turning so I am thinking no spark. Ok new distributer cap and wires. When I test for spark I am getting plenty. Now here is the Q? This is my first throttle body shuold I see fuel spraying from the jets into the butterfly intake becouse I am not even after removeing the throttle body and cleaning it. Any help would be great thanks
January 13, 2006.

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