Chrysler Van

I have a 1998 Dodge caravan with 144000, latley when the ac is in max cool and I am driving on the highway the low side hose freezes up and the evap freezes also so the air coming out of the vents slows down. I turn it off or open the ouside vent and it will un thaw. My limited knowlwdge stells me it is low on charge but the AC place I go to says its ok. Yesterday the compressor belt broke so I replced it and the ac worked for a while and now it will not engage the clutch. I can not find the switch to jump to try to put some freon in it. Any ideas?
January 19, 2006.

If it is freezing up you have to much freon or your temp switch isnt working. Also check your condensor for bugs/dirt.

Sc1 racing
Jan 20, 2006.