2001 Chrysler Van

Transmission problem
2001 Chrysler Van 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 112000 miles

i have a 2001 crysler town & country with 3.3 liter engine. When are start my veh.I can hear a rattleing
noise coming form the engine. When I put it drive to drive off it feel like it wants to stop on me. The veh. Is vibrating also when I put it drive theres no power when I am trying to go up a hill and when I try to give it power the engine light will start flashing
August 30, 2009.

Start with a scan of the PCM to see if it has stored any trouble codes. Sounds like it may be running on 3 cylinders since it vibrating and trying to stall, low on power.A PCM scan should at least point to the cylinder that is bad.A 3.3 is a V-6, not a 4 cylinder. Those had alot of issues with breaking the cylinder heads where the rocker shaft bolts on, this could cause the noise and other issues you described

Sep 1, 2009.