2007 Chrysler Town and Country

Brakes problem
2007 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 57000 miles

abs light is on and I am wondering if there are more than one sensors to get checked out I am going to check fuse first then move on to the rest I have already reset the comp by disconecting hot wire from batt
March 6, 2010.

When the light is on, a diagnostic fault code has been memorized in the ABS computer. Disconnecting the battery will not make the problem fix itself, but it will erase that valuable diagnostic information. Your mechanic will connect a hand-held computer to read the code(s). That will indicate the circuit with the problem, not necessarily the defective part.

There are four wheel speed sensors, a pressure sensor, and a whole bunch of solenoids in the hydraulic controller. All of these are monitored as well as various electrical inputs to the computer.


Mar 9, 2010.