2001 Chrysler Town and Country

Electrical problem
2001 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 121, 00 miles

When I put my turn signal on my gauges go crazy and my instrument cluster lights up like a Christmas tree. When I turn the turn signal off they go back to normal. I've already attempted placing a new instrument cluster with the same results. What esle can be causing this?
February 28, 2010.

Have you had the body control module checked?

No I have not. I've sinced replaced the multifunction switch for the turn signals and now the gauges seem to work until I tru to activate the turn signal and the gauges go blank and they return to normal when I take off the turn signal. We did notice that the drivers side tail light has a used not factory wiring harness spliced to the original wires from the car which was done at a body shop because of a rear crash. When we studied the wires there is one that was not connected to any other wire. There are 6 wires coming from inside the vechile but only 5 were connected to another wire and according to my Haynes manual there is a 6th wire on the driver side because it shoots over to the passanger tail light. I am assuming this is causing a short but I am in need of a wiring diagram with the color codes for each wire. The used plug's wire they spliced does are not the same colors as the wires coming from inside the vehicle, which are normally white with a color stripe.

Mar 15, 2010.
I'm sorry but I am unable to send a schematic as requested. THe online repair manual I use doesn't allow me to cut and paste. What I recommend is getting a good manual with the wiring schematics. THey offer one online here for a very reasonable cost.

As far as the wire you are refering to, is the opposite side not working?

Whenever I place the turn signal to the right, left and even the emergency flashers the gauges go blank. It seems the blank instrument cluster happens everytime the blinkers are placed. On both the tail lights the brakes, lights and reverse lights work just fine.

Mar 16, 2010.
The only thing I can think of is a problem with the Body Control Module (BCM). I would check that.

So you don't think that the loose wire in the tail light has nothing to do with it? The problems started hapenning after the crash in the rear and the replacement of the light. They spliced together an old pigtail and left one wire out. Since I replaced the multifunction switch for the turnd signals and the wipers everything works fine with the gauges they only stop working when I put the turn signals. It has been 2 days now and the gauges are fine because we have not put the turn signals on.

How do I check if the BCM is faulty?

Mar 16, 2010.
The wire that isn't connected. Does it have any power to it?

Yes it does. I know you mentioned that you cannot copy and paste the diagram but can you tell me what the wires are for?

2 - white with green stripe
1 - white with dk brown stripe
1 - white with medium brown stripe
1 - white with light brown/tan stripe
1 - black with green stripe

Mar 16, 2010.
White / dark green L. Rear signal out
white / dk brown R. Rear signal out
White / tan R. Front signal out
white / light green L. front signal out
Black / green Ground

As far as the white with medium brown, it is listed as "Not Used" unless it has a factory tow package.

I got it copied but I don't know if you will be able to read it. If you can enlarge it, you'll be fine.

Here it is:

Let me know if this helps.