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I have a 1995 crysler cirus and while i'm driving when I take me foot off the gas it all of a sudden turns off it has no problem to start back up.I had a guy look at it but he can't find the problem. Please some one help i'm a college studen't and I work so with the car working like that i'm scared to drive it turns off as long as im not pressing the gas. So I don't know what to do. It runs fine just the thing that it turns off and some times the engine lite comes on but most the time nothing happens. It just starts right back up.
Crysler cirus 95
April 25, 2006.

It could be the idle sensor. When you stop at a light can you hold one foot on the brake and one on the gas and keep it running? Being a 95 it could even be the cat converter clogged up.

Apr 26, 2006.
Did you buy gas from a different place recently? My dodge neon was stalling once I took my foot off the gas and would restart immediately. It turned out to be water in the tank. Plus the change in weather up in Canada probably made a difference with condensation. Once I refilled the tank with the same type of gas I always used, it ran fine. I also bought a gas additive from the shop that cleaned out the lines.

Apr 26, 2006.