1998 Chrysler Other

Please take your time on this one, for it is very tricky. This puzzle is a 98 chrysler concord lxi 3.2 with 146,000 miles. Heres how it began, while driving the gauges would go to zero then come back on. After a few weeks of this, when u went to start it, it would run for a few seconds then die. U could only do this THREE times, after that it wouldnt do anything til the next day or two. If it started within three tries it would run, if it didnt u had to wait. This went on for about a month. Now it wont crank at all ever! It has power when the key is on, lights work, radio works, everything works, it just wont crank. It makes no sounds at all, no clicking or anything. I was told it was the body controller so I replaced it. The only thing it did was change the mileage. Please help me. I am poor!
May 15, 2007.

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