2000 Chrysler Other

Today while driving home, my car died - engine light came on, I pulled over onto the shoulder and the car quit. It wouldn't start but makes a kind of whirring noise - the battery is ok, there is power. I can hear the fuel pump when I turn the key. I'm thinking it could be the timing belt which has never been replaced. Any ideas? Thanks.
May 10, 2006.

With that many miles I can't believe the timing belt hasn't been replaced a few times. Neons are bad to blow head gaskets, junk cars made in mexico. You do know they don't make them any more? I wish you luck because if you keep repairing that car your going to need it. Prices are so low on new cars now because of fuel prices, that it might be worth putting money in a payment with a factory warrenty.

May 16, 2006.
Well, not being a big fan of the neon even though I have a SRT and sxt both 2004, I would say, 265,000 miles may change my atitude about them. Now on to your question, I would say with little doubt. That it is the timng belt. If you haven't fixed it yet do so whether it is or not. And get a tune up, with that many miles your motors got to be crying help me.

Dec 8, 2006.