2005 Chrysler Other

I started having an electrical problem a few months ago. The lights in the instrument cluster started flickering. Periodically all of the lights on the cluster will come on like the car dies for a second. Sometimes everything cuts out and the car will die and then the power comes right back. I replaced the battery and it seemed to go away for a short period of time and then the problem came back. I have taken it to the dealer several times and they have replaced the instrument cluster and the headlight switch. The problem is still there. They said I need to get another battery now. I took it to Walmart where I bought the battery and they said the battery is fine. I noticed that the dash lights only flicker when the A/C compressor kicks on. Also the negetive battery wire is extremely hot when the AC compressor is running. When I turn of the AC it cools back down. It sounds like a short to me but Chrysler can't find anything. Help!

March 22, 2007.

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