Chrysler New Yorker

I have a 1990 chryler newyorker with 160,000 miles on it that when I start it the car idles bad up then down then up then down lol you get the picture and if I shut it off and then start it again it idles fine it happens worse when hott out any help I would appreciate thanks : D
August 3, 2006.

Check for broken vacuum lines and also check/replace your PCV valve. Both will make your idle go nuts. Good luck : )

Aug 17, 2006.
I'am going to assume that the engine is a 3.3 v6 it or is it a 318 sounds like you may have a fuel pressure problem when you first start the car the pressure has bleed off and and won't idle when you start it again it gets time to prime the system. Pressure should be about 35 to 40 psi and peak at top pressure when the vaccum line is removed from the fuel pressure regulator a clogged fuel filter will also cause this and possibly a IAC motor which is (idle air control).(NOS) and the amount of miles on the car plays alot into it just like us when we get old stuff wears out.

Sep 12, 2006.