2001 Chrysler LHS

Transmission problem
2001 Chrysler LHS 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 114000 miles

Hello, I wasent sure what to put for catagory. The problem I m hving with the LHS is th gears sticking. For ex; Ill put it in reverse to back up, but the whe I put it todrive, sometimes the gears arent what there supposed to be at. Ill put it in prk for example, but on the dash its in reverse. I have to contantly move the gear stick back and forth until I casee that it's I park. Also since this has been happenng whn im I drive, the rpm goes over 3 and sounds like the car isnt in the right gear. Please maybe give me an idea of what it might b and if you know about how much it costs. Thank you so much
December 9, 2009.

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