1999 Chrysler LHS

Electrical problem
1999 Chrysler LHS 95000 miles

I have a 99 Chrysler LHS. I have had the car for a little over a month and had no problems until now. The alternator went bad. Now, after replacing the alternator, it will not charge the battery. Took it back out and it tested fine. However, the alternator gets extremely hot after running the car for only a few minutes. I have also replaced the PCM with one from another used car. Still the same issue: Not charging and alternator gets extremely hot.
June 22, 2009.

Have the battery tested.

A battery with a shorted cell with make the alternator work very hard (so it gets hot)

and with the bad cell, the battery will never get over 10.5 volts, (or at least not for very long)

Jun 22, 2009.