1996 Chrysler LHS

Engine Cooling problem
1996 Chrysler LHS V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic

For a couple of months the car would start to overheat anytime that I had been idleing for a while. I would just turn the heater on and then it would go back down to normal. Tonight, the heater did not fix this problem and was blowing cold air out. I checked the antifreeze and when I removed the cap the coolent was at the very top. I haven't done the required maintence and the car has 120, 000 miles on it. I am also having some electrical problems, my automatic headlights don't work anymore and at least a couple of times a week my battery is completely dead in the morning. I am currently unemployed which is why I haven't had the money for repairs. Any ideas?
December 2, 2009.

Check or replace the thermostat and go from there. And have the battery and alternator checked out-

Dec 2, 2009.
I have had the battery as well as the alternator checked. They are both fine. I'm certain that the car " thinks" that the headlights are on occasionaly which is why the battery drains. I took it in and told the mechanics that I new it was a wiring problem and they didn't believe me until the third time I brought it in. At that point they told me that with a problem like that they could not give me an estimate. Because of bad experiences I couldn't just leave my car there and let them charge me whatever they decided to charge me.

The thermostat was changed/replaced the first year I got the car. Could a wiring problem short it out? Plus the engine didn't seem hot to the touch or should I say overly hot when I checked it?

Dec 2, 2009.