1996 Chrysler LHS

Heater problem
1996 Chrysler LHS 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 121, 00 miles

my heat works fine in the car when on mix(vent and floor) but if I have it on defrost the fan is blowing but not much coming out. All the books I have do not break down the heating system that much
Tim 5
January 12, 2010.

Inside of your heater module (under the dash), there's a plastic flap that's called a " Diverter door" and " Blend door".

Your unit has one Blend Door which controls the temp by mixing heated and cold air to get the right temp. I believe there are three diverter doors in your system. These doors directs the flow of air to whichever vents you have selected. (Floor, dash, defrost, mix)

They are all controlled by vacuum fed to them by black plastic lines. Sometimes these lines become cracked/loose, or the diverter door will stick.

You'll have to pull your heater control unit and have a look.

Ernest Clark
Feb 11, 2010.