1993 Chrysler Imperial

Electrical problem
1993 Chrysler Imperial 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I beleive there is a electrical short in my car. The ABS and brake lights are on and the ABS pump is not operating. I would hear it run when I started the car and now I don't.
Also the temp and the charging gauges are not working and the anti theft system is not working.
This all startede all recently
Any idea where I can start to look for the problem. The car is otherwise in good condition.

Thank you,
February 27, 2009.

Frank: I would recommend having the computer scanned for codes. If the ABS light is on, there will be codes set in the computer. Most nationally recognized parts stores will do it for free.

Let me know what you find.


Thank you for the info. I found the problem with the ABS and brake light and the ABS pump I found that there is a fuse on the driver side wheel well behind the battery. I replaced the fuse and the brakes are working fine.
As for the gauge and anti theft problems I will have to take to a repair shop.

Mar 21, 2009.
Hi: I just wanted to pass of information on the ABS. If your car has the Bendix 8 ABS system, Chrysler had a lot of trouble with them and most of the parts are covered for the life of the vehicle with a 0 deductabe. I had a 92 Chrysler Town and Country. I can't tell you how much money THEY spent to keep the brakes working properly.

Good luck, and I hope this helps.