2007 Chrysler Crossfire

Engine Mechanical problem
2007 Chrysler Crossfire 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 560 miles

Had my neew 07 crossfire less than two months, I always drive it carefully during the break in period. Today I went to start it, heard a loud " bang" from the engine, then it dropped to idle speed and idled like a tank, less than 400rpm. Shut it off, started it again, no engine bang, but it sputtered and idled poorly, and died. Started it a third time, it will idle, however,
very rough, put my hand four inches from the exhaust, definitely not firing right, the kind of " puff puff" intermittent exhaust an Alfa would make when the engine was missing. Im afraid at this point to drive it and put a load on the engine, not knowing if something has gone seriously bad or if its a small issue. NO engine lites have come on. Any help appreicated, I love my crossfire, and want to keep it from dying!
thanks! Scott
July 26, 2008.

If the " Bang" was a backfire, the idle air control valve has been destroyed, get back to your dealer and have them repair it, and whatever underlying problem caused the backfire!

Jul 27, 2008.