Chrysler Concorde

I recently bought a 96 Chrysler Concorde with 118,000 miles. It has a 3.5 engine. Idle is very rough and acts as if the engine will die, but as of yet has not. I have checked codes both with the on board computer and at a shop. No codes showing. I am at a loss because the car drives well down the road, gas mileage is good, and there is no smoke.
Steve Smith
January 20, 2007.

Indications are that the automatic transmission control unit has failed. Replace.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 14, 2006.
Try cleaning out the throttle body-check the EGR for carbon-also clean idle speed control or idle air control.

Jan 21, 2007.
Could also be a clogged catalytic converter. Does your exhaust smell like rotten eggs?

Jan 21, 2007.