2005 Chrysler 300

Electrical problem
2005 Chrysler 300 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 11200 miles

Hi I took my chrysler 300 in to get checked out about an electrical problem. Tire Warehouse was able to find that the SKREEM Module is drawing power causing a problem starting the vehicle. When turning the key to start the vehicle even after boosting the vehicle the car still does not start. Does this sound like it would be the problem, if so how much does it usually cost to replace a skreem module?

July 22, 2010.

There's no such thing as a SKREEM in your car. I suggest you take your car to AutoZone and have it scanned for free.

If you get back with me with the specific code, I'll help you from there

Ernest Clark
Sep 14, 2010.