2003 Chevrolet Venture

2003 Chevy Venture

My dog some how knocked the cup holder out, (the one in the front dash). It seems like it would be impossible to do, since it has this sort of " U" shape that should hold it in. Anyway its out, and because of the " U" shape I cannot get it back in, without un-screwing something. I am just not sure what I should unscrew.
October 15, 2008.


1. Remove the floor console.

2. Remove the cup holder assembly.

3. Remove the two screws that hold the cup holder tray front cover. Refer to the illustration above.

4. Push the tray out through the rear of the cup holder assembly. Refer to the illustration above.

5. Reinstall the cup holder tray into the slides from the rear, taking care to position the lower edge of the slide inside of the channel at the rear of the cup holder tray. Refer to the illustration above.

6. Verify that the cup holder tray is properly set in the slides by applying slight force downward on the extended cup holder tray. The cup holder tray should not dislodge from the slides.

7. Install the cup holder front cover and screws.

8. Install the cup holder assembly.

9. Install the floor console.

Oct 17, 2008.