2003 Chevrolet Truck

Electrical problem
2003 Chevy Truck V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 136? Miles

Actually it is a 2003 2500 HD Duramax. The gauge cluster has issues. None of the gauges work, the odometer is out and the information center is out. I read through some forums and everyone is talking about the stepper motors. There has to be something else as every now and then it will come to life and everything will work for about a mile and theen guit. Also when this happens I loose the speedo backlight and another gauge light. All " idiot or other indicator lights still illuminate with key on engine off. I'm thinking a loose ground? Just wondering if anyone has had a problem like this. Also now the warning chime is on all the time but with no display? No CEL or any warning light, just the chime.
Thanks in advance, SCOTT
December 10, 2009.

Replace the IPC, very common problem. Its not the stepper motor, I've never changed one, just replaced the IPC's in these vehicles. This has been an ongoing problem with these vehicles since 03. There is a special policy covering these for 7years 70,000 miles. Might want to call the dealer, it might be out by mileage but might want to ask.

Brian 1
Dec 10, 2009.
What is an IPC and is it dealer only, i'm sure the milage will kill the warranty.

Dec 11, 2009.
Its the instrument panel cluster, (guage cluster)and yes its dealer only.

Brian 1
Dec 11, 2009.