1998 Chevrolet Truck

Brakes problem
1998 Chevy Truck 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

My rear passenger brake is locking on. This happens mostly as I start off. If I back up it usually unlocks. I have also noticed that it is starting to grab when Im driving. I have recently replaced both rear drums and shoes along with kits. While this truck has 246000 kilometers it has been well maintained. My local jobber say it could be the emergency brake cables or the clutches(?) Not sure what he meant by the clutches. He pulled the cables and stretched them about. It worked fine for an hour however it is now as bad as ever and has now started to grab when im driving. I noticed it grabbing at around 80 kilometers(50 miles) an hour.
April 25, 2008.

GRABBY BRAKES Oil, grease or brake fluid on the linings will cause them to grab. The cure is to identify and eliminate the source of contamination, then replace the linings. Badly scored drums or rotors can also grab. Resurfacing may be needed.

DRAGGING BRAKES May create a steering pull and/or increased fuel consumption. Caused by weak or broken retracting springs on drum brakes, a jammed or corroded caliper piston, a floating caliper with badly corroded mounting pins or bushings (uneven pad wear between the inner and outer pads is a clue here), overextended drum brake self-adjusters or a sticky or frozen emergency brake cable

Apr 25, 2008.
Just for help Razz also try to adjust them tighter, did you lube the backing plates when you put on the new linnings, might also try pulling the fuse to the ABS see if it has anything to do with it, rule it out so to speak. But do ck for rear end grease or brake fluid on them

Apr 26, 2008.