1993 Chevrolet Truck

This truck was in storage for 4 years and I put it back on the road last month. I changed the oil, anti-freeze, put in fresh fuel, changed the air & fuel filters, plugs, distributor & plug wires, and changed one of the injectors that appeared to be clogged.

The truck starts from cold and runs smoothly, but if I shut it down after it's up to operating temp and then try to restart it, it won't start unless I floor the gas. Then, once it catches (I have to keep it floored or else it instantly shuts off) it chokes & coughs for 30-45 seconds and then starts running smoothly again & everything is fine.

I sent this message a few days ago when I signed up for your website and I paid a donation at that time. I must have messed up when hitting the submit button because I can't find a copy in my Sent file. I did confirm that my donation via paypal went through.

Thanks in advance for answering my question.
December 13, 2006.

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