1978 Chevrolet Truck

Heater problem
1978 Chevy Truck V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

I'm new to this 78 and a kid owned it before me so no telling what's been altered. I've installed a new A/C system which blows on the floor only. I'm interested in knowing about the controls for the venting to direct it through the dashboard vents. I've been told to check to see if there are vacuum lines going through the dash. I've found several lines plugged at the carburetor so I suspect there should be something going through the dash but I'm not sure. A diagram of the vacuum lines would be helpful as well as a diagram for the controls and cables on the dashboard levers. I have other repairs to do so I might be interested in purchasing something or a subscription to your service professionals since I'm really a novice and I appreciate knowledgeable mechanics as long as the price is right. I'm a 100% disabled Vet so money is a finite commodity in my life.
September 1, 2008.

What series truck c20?

What liter engine?

Mitchell shows nothing, but I'll see if I have some older manuals at work tommorrow.

It's says Bonanza 10 on the front fender and 'BIG 10' on the rear fender. I think it's just a 1/2 ton truck. Almost exactly like a 77 1/2ton I'm using for parts.

II don't know 'liters' it's a 350 V8

Sep 1, 2008.
I have nothing.

I suggest starting a new post with the info so it gets bumped to an unanswered post with donation. Someone else may have something.

I went through all of our old books and believe this one was thrown out about 5 years ago.