2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

Engine Mechanical problem
2002 Chevy Tahoe V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 112000 miles

I bought this truck in the summer time and it ran perfect. Here we are in the middle of winter and i'm limited as to how much I get to drive it. The problem is anytime air temp drops around 32 degrees or lower, it wont start. You can hold the key over for about 10 sec. And it will start but, suddenly die and wont stay running. I've had it in the shop when running but of course it triggered no codes. The told me it had a tiny intake leak but not enough to affect it in this way. Do you have any idea of sensors, or anything that can be causing this problem? I really like the truck and cant wait to get back behind the wheel, but need pointed in the right direction.
December 16, 2008.

Hi: Have you checked for trouble codes? Also, the intake can have this type of effect.

When it was in the shop they ran a diagnostic on it but it wasnt that cold then, so the truck started and ran fine, not triggering any codes. Its frustrating because its like the vehicle knows exactly what temps. It doesnt want to start at. At 33, 34, or warmer it starts. At 31 or 32 has trouble but after a few tries it'll start, 30 or below your waistin your time. After crankin and crankin it'll fire and die suddenly. Keep in mind any other temp. Or time it drives perfect, with no signs of trouble.

Dec 17, 2008.
Hi: Believe it or not, today's cars do know the temp. My best suggestion is to wait for colder temps, 30 or below and take it to the dealer the day before it gets that cold. Have them check it first thing in the AM when you are confident the problem will occurr.

I realize it's a pain, but that is the best you can do.

Let me know what they find. I would really like to know what they find.