2010 Chevrolet S-10

I have 2000 S10 extended cab, 4 cilinders auto with 87,000 miles. Air conditioning air is warm. I tried to charged it. The only valve in the large hose is in the aluminum canister. The other valve is in the small line, but the chager hose doesn't fit on that one.

I follow the instructions in the can and let the car run for more than 25 minutes but the freon can is still full.
Is this the right valve? I asked people at the auto part stores and they did'nt know.

Also, the gasoline gage is not working, do I have to take the gas tank apart to fix it?
August 24, 2007.

The one on the canister is the right one, in order for the freon to enter the system the compressor has to run. Start the truck and let it run. If your freon is that low and the compressor does not turn on you will have to pull the low pressure switchplug from the accumulator and attach a jumper wire. This will keep the compressor on so the system can be charged. It usually takes about two can of r 134a to fill the system

Aug 24, 2007.
Thank you kindly. Now, how do I go about disconecting the swicht and jump the air conditinioning?

Also, how long does it take to empty a can of freon?

I am going to try to put the freon and would like to know how long I should let the car run. Also do I have to shake the can of freon once I get it connected?

Thank you again for your help. Santos R.

Aug 25, 2007.