1998 Chevrolet S-10

Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
1998 Chevy S-10 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 110000 miles

Are the bolts holding the ring gear to the differential assembly left handed or right handed threads and is there a special way to break them loose?
May 29, 2009.

Left hand, here's the book on it, you can use an air impact to make it easier.
Disassembly NOTE: Check and record ring gear backlash and pinion bearing preload before disassembly. Remove axle shafts. See AXLE SHAFT & BEARING under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Roll out differential pinions and thrust washers. Mark pinions and thrust washers (left and right). Remove side gears and thrust washers. Mark side gears and thrust washers (left and right). 1. CAUTION: Differential case side bearings are preloaded. Differential case will fall free after being pried past a certain point. Mark differential case side bearing caps and housing. Loosen bearing cap bolts. Remove caps, mark shims, spacers, and side bearing races. Using pry bar, pry against housing at window of differential case and remove case. 2. Place any loose shims with appropriate left and right bearing races. Using Differential Side Bearing Puller/Remover (J-22888) and Adapter (J-8107-2 for 7 5/8", J-8107-4 for 8 1/2" and 8 5/8", or J-8107-3 for 9 1/2" ), remove differential case side bearings. DO NOT pull on bearing cage, pull on bearing cone. 3. Ring gear bolts have left-hand threads. Remove ring gear bolts. Tap ring gear off carrier using a soft drift and hammer. Using an INCH-lb. Torque wrench and proper socket, check torque required to rotate drive pinion. If no preload reading is obtained, check for looseness of pinion assembly, bearings or weak collapsible sleeve. 4. CAUTION: DO NOT damage pinion bearings when removing pinion from differential housing. Remove pinion flange. See PINION FLANGE & OIL SEAL under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Install pinion nut back onto pinion. Install rear differential cover using 2 bolts to keep pinion from falling out. Tap end of pinion (using soft drift and hammer) to remove pinion from front bearing. 5. Remove differential cover and pinion assembly. Remove pinion oil seal and front bearing from housing. Remove collapsible spacer from pinion. Remove inner bearing from pinion using a press and Bearing Remover Clamp (J-25320 for 7 5/8", J-8612-B for 8 1/2" and 8 5/8", or J- 22912-01 for 9 1/2" ). Press bearing from pinion, and remove shim. 6. Remove pinion bearing races from axle housing using hammer and punch. Inspect bearings and bearing races. Replace as required. Discard and replace pinion oil seal, pinion nut and collapsible spacer. 7. Page 1 of 1 DRIVE AXLES - 7 5/8", 8.5", 8 5/8" & 9.5" RING GEARS -1998 Chevrolet S10 Pickup 5/30/2009

May 30, 2009.

May 30, 2009.