2004 Chevrolet Other

Hi. I recently began hearing the wear indicators on the front brakes of my truck. I replaced pads and rotors. All seemed ok for a week or two then when I lightly depress the brake I get a high pitched squeal as if the wear indicators touching. I thought it was the rears this time so I replaced pads and rotors there also. They needed it but now when the brakes get warm after using them a couple times. I still get the high pitched squeal. I inspected all four sets and all look great. It happens when I lightly hold the pedal while moving oohhh. Say over 5mph and as soon as I let go or press harder on the brake pedal the noise stops. Any ideas? If I hit the brakes quickly it just chirps real quick for a second then stops as long as my foots on the brakes.

The truck has 30,000 miles on it.

Thanks, Dave
August 26, 2006.

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