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I just replaced the front rodors on my 1998 two wheel drive 4 cyl. Chev. S-10. The new pads will not fit over the new rotor. The pistons are flush with the calipers already so I know that is not the problem. The new pads are aftermarket, does that mater?
December 28, 2006.

Aftermarket pads are fine, not always equal in quality but fit should be there. First verify the pads are correct for the vehicle. Perhaps they are mis boxed? Do they look the same as the old ones?

Some GM pads have a larger outboard pad than the inboard pad. Or visa versa. There is a little tab on the top that may create a height headache. Pads look identical otherwise.

They look the same. Does the tab go at the top or the bottom? The outside pad is thinner that the inside pad. I can force the pads on but the rotor then will not turn.

Dec 28, 2006.
Without having the pads in front of me, it's hard to know if this is the case or not. I know I tried putting the wrong pad in the wrong position and couldn't do it until a tech straightened me out. : Oops: The shap of the linings should be somewhat sei-cricular with the smaller radius to the hub. The tab I refer to is part of the metal backing and is on top. The offset can be seen on the caliper as to why they are different. NOTE: This may not be your case. I just remeber they were gm pads I had trouble with.

You may have the wrong rotor also? For fun : roll: , throw the old rotor on and see if they fit. ( I know it will be thinner and may accidentially work, but this is for fun : ).

Match up the old pads and rotors VERY carefully and see if there is any difference.

The rotor has to turn freely.

What brand and part numbers do you have?

Silver brand brakes, part number MD154, but on the pads themselves it is marked MD224?

Dec 28, 2006.
To the service writer who helped me. Thank u. The pads were mis packaged. Took them back and got higher quality pads and they went on fine.

Dec 29, 2006.
Glad it worked out. : D

Upgrading from silvers were a good idea. The silvers tend to be a noisy pad.
I hope you went to bendix, : wink: although the golds so far have been okay for me.

It's surprising how often the wrong parts are received or defective, : roll: but it's the nature of the business.