1999 Chevrolet Other

Just started out and it quit, dead.
No instruments, tried to re-start and not even a click.
No clock, switched to accessories, still no clock or radio.
Released the hood, and opened the door to look. There was no " key in ignition" buzzer.

No smoke, or obvious problem. I had to leave the car for about an hour, so got back in to remove my keys. I heard a faint " clunk", " clunk" about every three seconds coming from the dash.

Since I was leaving, I disconnected the Battery.

Came back in an hour, checked batt. Voltage, 12.7v.
Reconnected the batt, voltage 12.6.

Got back inside, everything normal. Started and continues to run.

I suspect a break in the source to the ignition switch.

Since it was running when it failed, I don't see an open to either the batt. Plus or ground. Wouldn't the alternator continue to provide power? Or does it share the ground with the battery?

A scan of the chip showed no faults.

Please help if you cen.
Big bear
January 28, 2006.

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