1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Brakes problem
1999 Chevy Monte Carlo 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 180000 miles

I have noticed several others having my same issue. However, I have tried many of the remedies given and need further assistance.

My bottom brake lights do not work. The top light does, as well as the turn signals and the hazard lights. I have already replaced the pedal switch and troubleshooted to be sure the new works. I am relatively certain that the multiswitch is the culprit as the cruise control no longer works and the wipers are tempermental. I have removed the bottom portion of the dash but I simply cannot figure out how to remove the switch. Any help you can give (in kinda layman's terms) would be great. I do have full tilt, an airbag and steering wheel controls. Thank you very much.
November 4, 2009.

Step on the brake and check the WHT wire connector A6 on the turn signal switch (should have power with brake on if not repair a short circuit between the two switches )
if have power then check for power at A4 YEL and A5 DK GRN
if no power suspect and replace the turn signal switch

Nov 7, 2009.