1997 Chevrolet Malibu

1997 Malibu, 2.4 liter 105000miles
I changed the ignition switch to try and resolve a theft system lock out problem. The new switch worked to start the engine but it shuts down after a 1 second run. Seems as if the theft system was killing the spark. I switched the ignition back to the old original switch and the problem continued.

The original problem was a random activation of the theft system that won't allow the engine to start for about 15 minutes. When it re sets I can usually start the engine. On occassion I have to go through the routeen 2 or 3 times. Last year I pulled the ignition and re installed it just to see what I could find. Seemed to help a few months. Maybe the connections were improved by unpluging and re pluging? Who knows. Chevy garage was not convincing me that they could solve the problem so I did not let them try. Now I can not start the car at all.
April 22, 2007.

You might want to try one more ignition switch replacement. Get them from , they have great prices for Chevy parts.

Jun 13, 2007.