1999 Chevrolet Lumina

Computer problem
1999 Chevy Lumina 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 95,000 miles

service engine light on. Code p0401 low egr flow. I tried a different valve from the junk yard (I cleaned the origional and the junk yard valves both with carb cleaner. They both seem to move freely). No change. The tube from exhaust is clear and has pressure, the vacuum from the intake seems strong enough and all the wires/lines/hoses appear good. After resetting the computer I'll drive about 1 mile and the light comes back on!
I'm in N.Y. State and this car will not pass inspect. With the light on. It's 11 days expired now and I'm getting desperate and frustrated! I dont have money to throw at random new parts 'till its fixed or pay a garage to do the same!
October 12, 2008.

Oh, yeah..I forgot to mention that occasionally the engine will idle too high. Like 1500 or 2000 rpms. Recently I was on the expressway going 65 without even touching the gas! If you shut it off then restart, the rpms will be normal again.

Oct 12, 2008.
I have had ongoing problems with my EGR valve and the check engine light and code. It helps to spray some aerosol fuel injector cleaner down the intake side but very little at a time. Also the main problem on my lumina was eventually the fuel injectors were pretty dirty and that was causing the fuel to not burn right and trigger the light. Personally I believe the ligh is bogus, but I have to check it each time to make sure its not something else though

Dec 16, 2008.