Chevrolet Impala

02 Ford F250 DSL 4X4 57K - I have been having issues with losing power steering at or slightly above idle. My pump is also making a whining noise like a pump does when it is low on fluid, however mine is full. I just found out there may be a filter in line for this system. Any suggestions on repairs? I am deciding to either rebuild the unit or replace with a reman unit. I have read that when replacing, this is when the filter should be changed. It is an inline filter and I do not see one. Could my filter be plugged or is this a common problem for Fords?
January 7, 2006.

Most ford power steering pumps are noisy might just be normal.

Jan 10, 2006.
Your problem sounds exactly like mine, is it also hard to turn when backing up or parallel parking? My friend who is a mechanic says it's a common problem, he wants me to bring it in and test the pump pressure, I don't know of an inline filter, I'll ask him about that. I've driven a 2001, same truck, different year and it steers perfectly!

Jun 11, 2007.