Chevrolet Impala

Ths is a follow up on the last post about mitt eclipse '96 clutch

i am new to manual transmission so I forgot to check the brake fluid for the clutch, I couldn't put it in gears and I had to to take it to the shop. They checked and the fluid was empty. After they refilled it, it still didn't work. What is the real problem.
symptoms: I couldn't put it in gears when the engine running. But I can put it in gears when the engine is off. This just happened all of a sudden so I am hoping there is nothing major.

the shop said that: it would cost 350 for labor to take the transmission out to inspect the problems and 200 for hydraulics cylinder or whatever they call it, ( they said there was a minor leak), the clutch parts itself for a stock is gonna be 300. They wouldn't know what would cause the problem unless they take the transmission and take a look. Do they rip me off for the price? I am really concerned about the parts and labor. Plz reply
January 3, 2006.

Where are you, doesn't sound to unreasonable around western wash. But the problem sounds like the slave cylinder. Which is external and doesn't require removal of trans. You mentioned a small leak, well thats a small circut and a small leak can be a big malfunction. And by haveing a empty master cylinder, sounds to be the root of the problem, good luck.

Jan 3, 2006.