Chevrolet Impala

Good morning, I am 35 and live in Minneapolis, MN with my husband and 2 young girls. I am joining the forum because I need someplace to go for answers. I own a 1997 Blazer that has 87,000 miles on it and it seems like every other week now something is breaking. I am the only owner so I know how it has been treated (babied) over the last 9 years.
January 9, 2006.

Hi I am a 48 year old female with a problem. I need to know if anyone has had a problem with the 2004 Dodge Durango having a leak in the top. : Cry: It has not been wrecked but it leaks into the little cargo hole in the back. Thank you.

Jan 9, 2006.
Harley Shovelhead fan and driveway old timer who's built a few good ones. I'll answer all I can, but frankly, the newer rides that are all computers and sensors have me stumped. I'm a points and big carb guy. Used to do only small chevy's, but I've done a few Fords and MG's. Lots of Harley experience.

Jan 25, 2006.
Welcome PutzinMS i'm the same way with the computers.

Feb 9, 2006.
Hi, PutzinMS! You are so right! I love the old chevy's that you can get in and work on using your own brain instead of comps!I conceded to the point of using HEI dist. But other than that it's carbs, cams, headers, etc. May the ole chevys live forever! : P
burrbrian-die hard chevy lover!

Mar 20, 2006.