1989 Chevrolet Impala

I own a 89 Honda Accord and have been having some trouble.
First thing that started happening was it started blowing smoke out the back and it was burning oil very quikly. Figured 'bown head gasket' but that doesn't seem to be the problem. It was also running strange and would die at stops lights if I didn't keep my foot on the gas. Re-set the idle, and it didn't seem to be the problem either. Then it starts running at around 4 thiusnad rpms at stop lights instead instead of conking out. Rechecked the idle and it was fine, set where it should be.
Then for a few days, it runs like a dream, then it starts acting funny again, then it starts running like a dream again. Then finnaly it fills a major intertstate with smoke and I decide to park it before I get someone killed.
Tried driving around back streets a few days later, it runs fine, not billowing smoke, no problems with the idle.
Unitl it heats up.
Friends say it could possibly be a computer malfunction, and nothing more. Anyone else have or heard of these problems?
January 5, 2006.

My car was doing that same thing except, I was smoking up my whole block with white smoke from under my hood. I took it home and let it cool down, and put some water in it, I thought that would help, because when I starterd it it didn't smoke or anything until I drove it around the corner. And it heated up to regular temp, white smoke again. More like stinky steamy smoke. I don't know what it could be. Also, I wanted to know how you fixed your idle. Is it under the hood? Is there a button or something that you can use to fix it. Mine's runs at 3000rpms anyone wanna help us out? : Cry:

Jan 19, 2006.
The idle is under the hood, I believe near the firewall, if I remember correctly. It took a while to find it.
So your Hinda is still running bad then? Driving me nuts trying figure out mine

Jan 19, 2006.