2003 Chevrolet Impala

2003 Chevy Impala 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 153355 miles

The car want start and the front light will not come on. Horn want blow or radio will not come on and the fuel pump is not coming on.

March 28, 2008.

You need to start by pullin codes from the computer. We ran into a couple of these that lead to the ingition switch as the source. Pretty expensive. But see what is listed in the pcm before jumping to far ahead.

You need to start with the battery charge it or replace it
check battery terminals
check fuses

Mar 28, 2008.
Funny how it is so easy to read into something will assumptions.

Battery 5 years old. Makes perfect sense.

I looked at no start and automatically thought it was cranking, just not starting since the security light was on I assumed good battery power.

Those assumptions get me in more trouble. : Roll:

I aksed about this at my local dealer and they were kind enough to print it out for me. Seems there is a known issue with loose wires going to the BCM setting the security light and causing the NO START condition. It also states that things were being replaced unnecessarily.

Important thing when this starts happening (as it did in mine a while back and I have yet to address it because I know how to get around it when it happens) is to know how to get the car to start.

START the car.
If it doesnt start, let the key go back to ON (ACcessory) and sit for 10 minutes. The SEcurity light will go out. Then, move key to off position for 5 seconds and then START the car.

This has worked every time for me. I learned this the hard way after getting stranded the 1st time it happened.

Apr 4, 2008.