1969 Chevrolet Impala

Engine Mechanical problem
1969 Chevy Impala V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 87,000 miles

I think there is excessive oil coming out of my valve cover breather on the driver's side of my engine. There is also quite a bit of blue-grey smoke coming from my exhaust at high rpm (usually free-way about 70mph) it smokes when I've let off the gas, and then press the gas again & poof. It will also smoke steadily at times when I'm basically coasting with no accelleration. When I keep my foot on the gas, it ceases to smoke.

I have replaced the pcv valve which I'm not sure was faulty (it rattled like normal but was about 8 years old) I replaced the oil cap, and the dip stick tube is nice and tight.

The car had a major rebuild about 8 years ago. It's got an after market 4bl carb, and a k& n air filter
May 6, 2009.

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