1988 Chevrolet Corvette

I have an 88 anniversary edition, I bought it a few years ago, it has 71,000 miles, it has been sitting in the garage for the past 2 years, finally got the paint job done this summer.
my problem is with the brakes, I have been driving it for about 7 weeks now, when I would take it out on the highway and get up to speed, it would shake a little, I thought maybe I need to get it aligned. Then I noticed one of the front tires where craked, so I ordered 2 new tires(which took me about 3 weeks to get!) Before that I had my husband change the brake pads, and he noticed that front caliper on the drivers side was sticking, he would get it unstuck, then drive it and would stick again.
so we ordered a new caliper, that took a couple of weeks also. Now with the new caliper it is still sticking, a mechanic friend said you probably have a collapsed hose, my hubby can blow through the hose no problem, but we ordered them anyway.
hopefully they will be here next week.

i am just very discouraged by all these problems, I have not really had a chance to drive the car.

if it is not the hose, what could it be?

it is only the drivers side front, the rest are fine, could it be the abs?
sorry for the long drawn out schpel.
if anyone can help, I would appreciate it, I would like to drive it a little more before the snow comes.
thanks, toni
September 21, 2007.

It's either the hose or the caliper is intall wrong. When the brakes stick, open the bleeder, if the wheel spins free, replace the hose, if not replace caliper, or check pushrod length on the master.

Sep 21, 2007.
The hose has been replaced. And still having the problem.
So far I have replaced the caliper and the hose, what next?
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sep 27, 2007.
Turns out it was the abs module, we replaced that and now there is no problem.
Thanks to all who replied,

Oct 26, 2007.