1998 Chevrolet Corvette

I just purchased this vette a month ago and drove it to the west coast. I hit some rough road in Kentucky and immediatly had a ride control problem show up on the computer. A few hundred miles later everything went wacko. Gauges, radio, heater air condition, driving lights, would all shut off, then on. I could hear the door locks switch on and off. Security light, traction control, abs would light up and sometimes the horn would blow. Since I've been home it has mostly been reacting this way though a few times the vette responds as should be. I know I broke a small arm near the rear shock that has to do with the suspension and would explain the message I get that the suspension needs service. But the rest appears to be unrelated. This can go on for several miles then just clear up an act normally. The engine always runs fine though there is a definate problem : roll: with the ride control. I am hoping its as simple as a ground but do not know where to look.
Marthas Vineyard Cruiser
November 29, 2006.

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