Chevrolet Corsica

Chevrolet Corsica, 1990, 2.2L, 91959 miles.
When putting water into the radiator, fluid immediately starts coming out of a plastic 90 degree elbow located low on the firewall passenger side. There doesn't appear to be any hoses connected to this elbow. Should there be? Also, having air-conditioning on this vehicle. Should that make a difference? Awsome. You answered in your E-Mail that that is probably the a/c drain. Perhaps the heater core is leaking. You said if you take the two heater hoses going into the heater core and connected with a brass nipple, it would by-pass the heatercore. That would verify your leak. You could drive like this but there would be no heat. Thanks.
June 16, 2007.

May help to post a pic, but it sounds like one of the lines going to the heater core.