Chevrolet Corsica

I have a 1996 corsica, milage 100000, 2.2L auto trans, engine was replaced before I bought it. Check engine light is on, error code is p0125 (coolant temp take too long to reach closed loop). When light is on, the fan stays on, sometimes light goes out (very rarely), and the fan acts normal. I am not sure which comes on first, light or fan (i think fan kicks on first)..I change fan sensor, I thought it fixed it, but because the battery was disconnected, the light goes off and fan is fine, but after driving about 40 miles, fan kicks on and light comes back on. The reason I need this fixed because it will not pass inspection.
June 19, 2007.

Thermostat is probably not working right. That is stuck open.

I would say your next move should be your " ECT" engine coolant temperature sensor. It is more than likely sending a week signal to the computer, thus not allowing it to go into closed loop. Let me know what happens.


Jul 28, 2007.