1991 Chevrolet Corsica

Engine Cooling problem
1991 Chevy Corsica 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 139000 miles

My car was towed a few weeks ago, and ever since then my radiator fan wont come on, not even for the a/c or defrost, was wondering if when he tilted the nose of the car in the air, did it cause an airpocket in the system, and would that cause the fan not to come on when it reaches temp. And how would I bleed the coolant system of air?
June 18, 2009.

The coolant should be fine. That wouldn't have caused an air pocket. However, there should be a bleeder on the thermostat housing. As far as the fan, if you run 12 volts directly to it, does the fan run?

I havent tried that yet because its kinda hard to get to, I'll have to jack it up and go from underneath. I remember a couple of times, when this first happened, I would have the car running with the a/c and open the hood, I'd spin the fan with my finger, then it would start moving, but not very strong. What do you think, I will try to hard wire it, because that I know will eliminate alot of things. And I bought a new engine coolant temp sensor that I want to put in too, for good measure. I just cant understand he tows my car then my fan wont come on, I know he didnt unhook anything becuase I checked.

Jun 24, 2009.
That is odd. Let me know what you find.