2006 Chevrolet Colorado

Engine Mechanical problem
2006 Chevy Colorado 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 30,000 miles

I have a 06 Colorado 2.8 liter and my service engine light came on a few days ago and I put a code scanner on it and it came up P0300 which is a random misfire. I then cleared the code and today the light came back on again with the same code. Is it ok to drive or do I need to get it repaired quickly? And what might be the causing the code?
December 20, 2008.

What cylinder was the missfire, or cylinders?Was it missfiring at Idle?Need more info, because there are several bulletins for this problem. If it is a single cylinder missfire I want you to swap it with a good coil on the vehicle and see if it changes to that cylinder. If it does not we have to go in a different direction.04-06 colorado's had ALOT of cylinder head problems with the intake valves sticking causing a light missfire at idle. I've replaced ALOT of cylinder heads on these vehicles. Post back with what you find.

Brian 1
Dec 20, 2008.