Chevrolet Cheyenne

1995 Chevy Cheyenne 1500 Pick-up, V6, 122k, 4 on floor manual trany, 2 wheel drive. I just got this truck from a carpenter to be used as a work truck. He said he never noticed the back-up lights not working. Both bulbs are good, both sets of 20 amp fuses (hood & cab) are good too. The brake lights and headlights, and all turn signal lights work perfectly. I have heard it could be a ground problem, BU switch problem, or ignition switch problem, but I don't know how to start my search. Thanks
June 26, 2007.

I have a Chevy '94 150K miles, v6, manual tran. I had the same issue with my reverse lights. I hope this is similar to the same problem you are having. Please let me know. As for me, everytime I placed the truck in reverse nut no lights. It came down to switch placed in the tranmission that when the truck is placed in reverse no longer works or signals the lights to work. It was inexpensive and easy to change out. I hope this helps.

Jul 29, 2007.