1995 Chevrolet Cheyenne

Electrical problem
1995 Chevy Cheyenne V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 165000 miles

Hi, I bought my truck about two months ago and every once and a while it doesn't want to start. Usally it starts but when it doen't I let it sit for a few minutes then it starts but now it doesn't want to start at all and the battery is new and I checked to make sure it was tight and it was and still it doesn't want to crank
Justin's rockin
December 18, 2007.

When you say it has trouble what kind? Clicking? Or nothing at all? If you hear a click, then either the battery is weak, or the starter, possibly bad battery cable connections, check and clean both ends of BOTH cables! Dissconnect negative(-) first, and put it on last! If no click, check the Fuseible links at the battery junction block.

Dec 18, 2007.