1972 Chevrolet Chevelle

Engine Cooling problem
1972 Chevy Chevelle Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Ok, my husband is very stuborn and won't ask for help. So I am, he is a mechanic but just can't figure out why his " baby" keeps over heating. He has rebuilt he whole motor and replaced just about everything, radiator, thermostate, replaced gaskets, and there is no leaks that we can see, it doesn' smoke, and it seems to have good pressure in all the hoses. PLEASE HELP!
August 28, 2010.

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With a problem like this we must re check and go back to basics, no use thinking something is good just because it has been replaced it must be re checked in a methodical manner, so with that in mind we must start with all the basic checks first.

Pressure test for external leaks
Head check for CO in the cooling system
Thermostat check (boil it in a pot on the stove)
Radiator flow test (not with a garden hose)
colling fans
pressure cap working with in range

Start here.

Mark (mhpautos)
air locks in the cooling system
water pump operation
air flow through the A/C condenser and radiator

Aug 28, 2010.
What size engine? It couldhave head gaskets on upside down which causes this. Is the radiator big enough? Alot of these cars had different size radiators for different engines.

Dec 16, 2010.