2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2004 Chevy Cavalier 4 cyl Automatic 86000 miles

I have had multiple problems with this car. The ignition module has been replaced 4 times in the last year and a half. The most recent repairs consisted of replacment catalytic convertor, coil pack, ignition module, and O2 sensor. I also had a complete fulel induction cleaning and oil change performed. This was done 3/09. The car is yet again experiencing a loss of power, a burning smell, and heavy shaking. I am fed up as nobody seems to be able to figure out what the problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
November 16, 2009.

IS this the ECO-TECH motor...2.2? You can tell by the location of the oil filter If you aren't sure.

If so I would start looking at the timing chain area.
If you have a timing chain issue with one of these motors, replace the guides (all five of them), the chains, and tensioner. The cover needs to come off to get a look at it.

Did the dealer replace the converter....this is imortant if the mileage was below 80,000 miles as it under factory warranty if it was. If not, sounds like an expensive mis-diagnosis.

Yes, it has an ECO-TECH 2.2. I picked up the car from a local Chevy dealer earlier today. As expected, the ignition module again need replaced. Luckily, it was covered by warranty. The catalytic convertor was also replaced under the emissions warranty, thankfully. Noone seems to know why this keeps happening. I am crossing my fingers and hoping it holds up until I can sell or trade it. If the timing chain were bad, would the car still run with a loss of power? Or would I lose all power options and not be able to start it?

Nov 16, 2009.
It can still run. Without being able to see inside the timing cover from here, I can only speculate.

Are you able to hear any rattle from the timing cover area?