1991 Chevrolet Caprice

Engine Mechanical problem
1991 Chevy Caprice V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

how do I replace the rear door window.
October 9, 2009.

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REMOVAL: Disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the door trim panel and the inner panel water deflector.
Raise the window to half-up position.
Punch out the center pins of the glass to sash channel attaching rivets.
Remove the front window channel and bolt.
Using a 1 / 16 inch drill bit, drill out the attaching rivets on sash channel.
Lower the glass to remove from the sash channel and remove the glass from the door.

INSTALLATION: To install, remove the drilled out rivets and shavings from the door.
Check the rivet bushings and retainers on the glass for damage. If necessary, remove the bushings using a flat-bladed tool covered with a cloth body tape. Install by snapping rivet retainer into the bushing.
Lower the glass into the door and position on the sash channel so the holes in the sash line up with the holes in the bushings and retainers.
Using rivet tool J-29022 or equivalent, install 1 / 4 inch peel type rivet (part No. 20184399 or equivalent) to retain the glass to sash channel.
Install the rear guide channel.
Before installing the trim parts, check the window adjustment for proper fit.
Install the inner panel water deflector and the door trim panel.

Perhaps I wasn't clear.

I purchased an auto slavage window replacement that has the window track already riveted.
I.E. I am trying to figure out how to push the ball ends of the window motor arms into the holes of the 2 plastic guides.
I broke the original window doing this after replacing the broken plastic guides (2 x $7 @ GM). There is not much room to try and get a vise grip to pop in the ball ends into the holes.
Any suggestions?

Oct 9, 2009.
Sorry about that.

Let me get some input from other tech with more experience on Caprice and I will get back to you ASAP.

I tried and finally was able to install the window. The 2 ball ends on the window motor arms is tricky. Since there is not a lot of room to get to the ball ends, you have to work through the precut holes of the metal part of the door. I wound up getting the window along with the bottom track that is riveted on the bottom of it from an auto salvage for $35. I put the window through the top and taped it in the up position. Then you have to crank up the motor arms to be even with the track and lining up the balls ends with the plastic sliders. They must be perfectly aligned and should have already have prepped with bearing grease appled in the plastic slide. Somehow I was able to get a vise grip in there and the grips must be right in the center of both parts. Once compressed, the ball pops into the mating hole in the plastic slide. I reapeated this for the other slide and the window works perfectly.

Oct 10, 2009.
That is excellent information, thanks kindly for that and sorry we could not be of better assistance with this repair.

Oct 10, 2009.