2002 Chevrolet Camaro

Electrical problem
2002 Chevy Camaro 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 82000 miles

I'm going to start towing a utility trailer with my '02 Camaro. I know I need a 5-wire to a 4-wire converter, because my trailer brake lights won't work with a 4-wire to 4 wire connector. Question: some converters have a power lead that goes straight to the battery to power the lights, some don't. Some say that I NEED the one with the power lead to the battery, some say I don't. I know the separate power lead is better, more expensive, and will take longer to put in, but do I really need it? Am I asking for trouble by using the cheaper one without the separate power lead?
July 14, 2010.

I believe the wire that is direct to the battery is to recharge a battery on the trailer. Do you have one?

No, there's no battery on the trailer. Are you kidding me? Anyway, I figured it out. I just tapped into the wiring harness near the taillights, and got them working fine.

Aug 23, 2010.
Actually, no I'm not kidding. Many campers have batteries on them for different. I wired one for a HiLo that required a battery to lift the camper. I had to run a seperate wire just to recharge the battery while the vehicle was running.

Regardless, I'm glad you got it fixed. Thanks for using 2carpros. Com.


I wasn't talking about a CAMPER. I was talking about a lightweight aluminum utility trailer to haul a
motorcycle or misc stuff. That's why I responded like I did. I didn't think I was leaving the impression that I was towing a camper with a CAMARO. That's borderline suicide, since the owner's manual says not to tow anything over 1000 lbs. I doubt that many campers weigh less than that, except those designed to be towed by motorcycles. Actually, I did tow over 1000 lbs, on a 1400 mile round trip, and had no problems (total weight of trailer and motorcycle was about 1150 lbs.). I did replace all of the fluids with Mobil 1 synethic fluid (motor oil, tranny, and rear end). I just gave the car a full tune up, and made sure that my filters were good.

Aug 24, 2010.
That got me laughing. Thanks, I needed that. I was wondering why you would be pulling a camper with a Camaro, but you wouldn't believe some of the things I read. My favorite is, " my car has 320K on it and it has a slight rough idle. Please help! What can I do.&Quot; At that point I would like to say get a new car. My god, if they got that kind of mileage out of the OEM engine, they are really lucky. However, I try to help.

Take care of yourself.

Ok, it's cool. Yeah, some people do some really stupid things with their cars, like the guy I saw about 10 miles from Rapid City, SD on his way to the Sturgis Rally. He was broke down on the shoulder, and had a cop behind him. I slowed down to get a better look, and just about lost my lunch! Here was a guy, trying to tow a Harley on a small trailer, with a
(GET THIS) Ford Escort! How long has it been since Ford made an Escort? It was also 95 degrees and he was going uphill probably most of the way. Smoke was coming out of the front wheelwell. This Escort was, by NO means, in great condition, either.

Sep 18, 2010.
Honestly? What the *& %$ is wrong with people?